Monday, September 15, 2008


RANDOM THOUGHT - Some bitches do shit to stay relevant to people who don't give a shit. It's hilarious to me why the fuck you think I need to know that you know this and that person or that your degree/diploma/car/child/man/woman...Fuck I can't stand it. I need people to stop telling me dumb shit and stop abusing my senses. My workplace is like bullshit central. How much can one person really take?


RANDOM THOUGHT - Ok so I've been severely obsessed with babies, celebrity babies, babes I know, kids who used to be babies. They are so adorable and I just want a baby to enter my life. I don't want to have one (Hell No...i'm only 22 after all) but I want someone I know to have a baby so I can go through the experience with them. I love me some babies. *sigh*

RANDOM THOUGHT - I've been losing a little weight, not by effort but purely coincidence. I have less to eat and I don't snack as much and with watching TV and the internet there seems to be no time for eating in between meals. I'm trying to increase my water intake and take more vitamins. Who knows maybe I will reach my goal weight of 160 lbs one day.

RANDOM THOUGHT - When I was in high school (Big ups to the ole pink and green) my history class in grades 10 and 11 were the most hilarious and nonsensical calsses I ever had. My teacher (used loosely) was a riot, ask anyone now who was in that class they immediately start laughing and crying. WORST! I passed the time while she talked about Tainos to artistically draw boys names on each and every page of my notebook (time well spent I thought) Then when I got even more idle and she moved on to her time spent in Europe teaching (again loosely) English (laughable) to young catholic school boys I began my search for the meaning of names and I wrote the meaning for every name I had drawn in the book. Good times, good times. Reminisce.

Welcome back !!HOT GUY ON THIS DAY!! Another feature that's been left by the wayside for a few months. Today's !!HOT GUY of August 5, 1981!! is Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heroes. Theres just something about his quirky persona that I like... I like them creative and quirky...

Travis ~ It is of Old French origin, and its meaning is "to cross over". Occupational name for gate-keepers and others who collected tolls at bridges and fords.

Isn't that some effed up ish? I love it...I think I'm going to start to include it in posts.
Title pic for today - is as the name suggests...random.

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