Thursday, October 23, 2008

There are some bloggers who take this blogging thing way too fucking seriously. They really love the notoriety and fame and they want it for them selves. I do it because I want somewhere to vent and I love writing my ish down.

I was so in love with this blog we'll just call it First Born Blog (not it's real name) or FBB. I really loved this blog, liked the writing style, loved the topics... really liked their sarcasm and wit. Then I don't know what happened... FBB started getting a little fame and all that shit went to their head. The whole aim of the site changed from merely reportring to providing baseless advice. WTF? Are you for real? Sometimes you just wanna smack a bitch in the face and say 'Nigga please!'. Critics are now viewed as haters...Oh yeah we hating alright hating the shit you spewing. I can't spend anymore time talking about this ish. FBB if you know what's good for you you'll shut the fuck up an grow the fuck up. You 25 years old? Nigga are you sure? Because you sound like you 5 years old half the time.

I'm just stating an opinion...I don't even go on that shit no more I can't take the bullshit.


My new fave is B. Scott that's actually someone I can enjoy reading and watching. That voice can be a tad cat on a hot tin roof but I love it and realize it's a part of the persona. I can get with it. Check out my Daily Dose for all the Love Muffin goodness...I'm a love muffin and damn proud of it. B.Scott is a fierce beyotch... "Oh lawd haffmercy...Kelly Clarkson, Eddie Musrphy"

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