Saturday, October 25, 2008


You know what I think is sexy....?

A guy's face. I love men's faces it's the best...second best part about them. I love it more than their bodies. It's all in the face for me.

I think an unadorned lower back on both men and women is very sexy. Women have that curve...I love my curve I think it's hella sexy and on men there's just something about the lower back that gets me heated.

I like a man who wears his gear not too tight but just tight enough. Just enough...I love it. He looks tailored and you just want to tear it off.

I LOVE how men smell. I love their cologne. It makes me think about good things, naughty things, nice things and not so nice things. I absolutely love how they smell so different than women. I think this only applies to me I like though because some men just smell normal..

I love when a guy's looking at me like he wants to eat me up. That shit is sexy. I miss those looks.

A well placed tattoo is soooooo sexy.

You know what else is sexy...? Queerty Knows Best is hella always.

You see what I mean about SEXY! You just can't buy that shit...I literally panted over these men. Damn me and my horny hide. Thank you Christopher, Jameson, Joey, Luciano, Marlon, Max, Nido and Sean for making my (and millions of others) day. Thank you, really THANK YOU!

All gorgeous swoontastic men brought to you by Queerty and their Morning Goods section. Please, for me, enjoy.

Title pic is just as it suggests....SEXY!

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