Sunday, February 08, 2009


Decided to do a reviews of some Movies I Saw Last Week because well the need came over me and I am always about satisfying my id.

Sicko - Michael Moore at is best at America bashing. To be fair he has said in the past that he loves America and sue me I believe him. I understand, I get it. America needs work and as it's citizens of a world power he attempts to make you aware of those issues so that both he and you can be better, live better make America better. As is usual his monotone voice is perfect narration for the documentary. I have only seen 'Bowling for Columbine' which is one of my personal favorite films of all time so I may not be as tainted as others would seem to be who have seen his Palme d'Or winning 'Fahrenheit 9/11'. I like his film making style he often times comes off very self righteous and arrogant but I guess so do alot of other directors, actors, sound mixers...8/10

The Great Debaters - Compelling performances from the two male and single female leads. Complex characters that were played well and kept my attention throughout the movie. Standard performance from Forrest Whitaker, though as with many actors there is a thread of himself that is left within each of his characters which sometimes unfortunately ties them together i.e. see one see them all. Denzel Washington also plays a role, though his character gets lost within the movie, maybe this was deliberate, maybe not. After all the movie is not about his character, though he has an influence over the three young characters who shine throughout the movie. The real star of this film is the story, the fact that the movie is based on a true story is what keeps you enthralled. The speeches were inspiring and my personal fave part of the entire movie. Overall not a bad movie but not great either, each cast member brought something to their role but the movie lacked overall cast unity. Excellent points about the movie are the editing, cinematography and score. 7/10

The Lake House - Love the story. Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves were a nice energy on screen but the chemistry was lacking which may be due to my subjectivity. 'Speed' was uppermost in my mind as I watched, though two completely different movies I was hoping that the fire they had in their previous on screen venture would translate. It didn't. Again two different movies so you can't expect the same, shame on me for doing so. 6/10

Title pic -

P.P - When it seems like you're about to have a good day somebody always comes along and fucks you up. It's a lie when people say that what others say and do don't affect you even if it is infinitesimal affect you are affected. So, this bitch, comes in and does nothing but put her bag on the desk where I'm sitting. So I'm thinking you know good manners dictates that you say something whether 'I have to sit here' or 'I've been sitting here all along' but this bitch says nothing to me. So I ask 'Are you sitting here?' the bitch says 'Yes' in the most condescending tone as if I wash her nasty draws each day because I need money. In my mind I'm thinking 'So why the fuck didn't you say so?' I have no issues in moving, I really don't give a fuck where I sit in this place but I can't stand people who bitch for the sake of bitching. Bitch. Bitch also has a kid who judging by what I've seen is a bitch in the making. Bitch 2k16. Bitch.

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