Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Stop... Obama time...

Why are bitches so loud? Why are bitches bitches? I can't even express. Woosa. That bitch just messed up my whole flow.

So Barack Obama huh?

Stop... Obama time...

I cannot even express. I can't. I can't. There are no words. No words. I'm tearing up reading shit on the internet left right and center. I'm at work trying not to break down like a fool. What I love about the voters this election is the way people want to work together to solve the issues. They aren't just depending on President-elect Obama (:-D) to solve all their problems they want to be involved in the process they want to solve their own problems. That is what is most inspiring about Obama he inspires you to want to do better to be better to make the world better. He inspires you to want to be apart of the porocess.

Someeone commented on a site I was reading that they were ready, ready for the work, ready to do what they needed to do to ensure that the policies that are important to them are at the fore. I've never been the greatest fan of America. I like them, they remind me of Jamaica in some ways but the country is entirly too large, too many people and with so many different views the issues and problems will never be fully addressed. In that we are common. Jamaica is too small, but still too many people with similar or the same ideologies equals horrid conditions and no progress.

I want to do my part for the world. Be apart of this world I was born into. I will make the decisions, I will be the change the world needs and if enough people say this, if enough people believe we can change the world.

Title pic is absolutely beautiful...

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