Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The 51st Annual Grammy Awards

The Grammys were very boring this year...The actual show I mean. The best part of the whole show was cutting the fuck up getting twitter updates from people like DurtyMo, KidFury, Freshalina, DomCorleone and trentvanegas. Funniest thing I have ever experienced. I was laughing out loud the entire time. The Grammys sucked though but Congrats to the winners. (BURNING SPEAR!) M.I.A. was just amazingly hilarious, Swagger like us was nice, as was the Radiohead performance, The Four Tops tribute was nice... That's about it for the Grammys.

Now the Chrihanna drama???? That fair made my entire night, my entire weekend. I just didn't see that shit coming, it was totally from left field. I would have never thought that Chris Brown was a lady beater. I mean he has this baby face, laid back, mellow attitude thing but I guess hate comes in all shapes and sizes. I just could not and still can not believe it. Wow! For updates Young, Black and Fabulous always has very good and thorough reports. Natasha's gossip is always on point. Crazy!!!

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