Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Golden Globes

I promised myself I would have made the posted what I wrote about the Golden Globes over a month ago but never got around to it so I'll just post it here. Sure I know the awards season is over and the Oscar's were just on Sunday but it's mine I can do what I please. For my Oscar rantings please feel free to visit my twitter page (to the left of the screen) I ranted and ranted and fell asleep, woke up then ranted some more. Enjoy.

  • Booring..

  • Thank you Laura Dern

  • Ook Don Cheadle

  • Thumbs down Eva's dress, jewels are nice Hayden's dress is a throw up Gabriel Burn-surprise! Yay!

  • Zachary Quinto fuck yeah

  • New Capn Kirk see above

  • *sigh*

  • *sigh*

  • Still funny Ricky Gervais

  • Why is the oldest Jonas brother 6 octaves lower than the others?

  • Yay WALL-E

  • Surprise Yay Johnny Depp!

  • I've never heard of Happy-Go-Lucky this makes me content Yay Jakey!

  • Seriously Drew the dress is gorgeous

  • *sigh*

  • Here it comes...RIP Heath Ledger

  • Brokaw!

  • Colin Farrell just admitted he used to do coke...

  • Maggie WTF?

  • Aaron Eckhart = Swoon

  • Not too upset about Laura Linney but hate her dress

  • In Bruges looks good

  • DAMN Seth Rogan!

  • Love the silhouette hate the top on Renee

  • Fox looks short I like it and not at the same time also that E! Interview????

  • Giamatti just said ass and pissy

  • Tracy Morgan???

  • Mamma Mia? Seriously?

  • Kate Beck-Seen it, but still pretty

  • First time God has been thanked-Ruhmen

  • Right David your "wife" second time you've mentioned her tonight I could be watching Hamburger challenge right now on Food Network

  • She looks horribly put together Diaz we are now enemies

  • I'm so happy the Revolutionary Road was shut out

  • Thank you Colin Farrell, One of the better speeches so far

  • Salma Hayek-GORGEOUS!

  • Sasha Baron Cohen just killed it!

  • YES! YES! OMG! Kate Winslet! 'OK Gather'

  • Repeat above for Mad Men

  • I guess, at least it wasn't Penn

  • Watching Rourke is like watching an exploding star, its destructive and the outcome is amazing to see but it's still sad to see it go

  • Rourke just said bitch and something about balls

  • Slumdog sweep the ting...BROOMIE!!!

As you may have noted I did it in note form. I remember doing this as far back as 7th grade that was over 13 years ago. I love awards shows...sort of.

Title pic...

P.P. - I will be doing more regular post now since my BB is now fully functional. Thanks for anyone (KP!) who's asked me to continue. I love this blog and anyone who reads my posts or just wants to see what it's about and visits I thank you. Feel free to leave a comment good, bad or indifferent.

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Anonymous said...

anieka...i check this blog every day in between my "studying" I LOVE IT......anyway sorry for not leavinn more comments.........i usually get lazy to type......Keep up the wonderful work thou...very entertaining and educational..............kp