Friday, February 27, 2009


I've spoken about my love/hate relationship with my workplace. Today is another day that exacerbates the hate part of that relationship. I'm tired of these people making decisions for me. As someone rightly said, during the training session I'm currently doing, they decide when I piss, when I eat lunch if I'm sick enough to home... They run my life. Sure work isn't usually a pleasurable experience and certainly I need the fucking money if I don't want to live on the street but to have to make the decision to either have my head explode while at work due to a migraine or to sleep on the street seems like cruel and unusual punishment to me and that was not in the job description.

I am a slave working to support massa and his overseers. I do a shitload of work everyday, I come in on time, I leave after the time they've dictated and yet I still get minimum. Minimum benefits, minimum pay, minimum social life. Do you know how it feels to be tethered? I am tied to an instrument that hurts my jaw, my ear and my brain. I do that almost everyday and I have one choice either to experience that pain or sleep in the streets. HA! Essentially I have no choice at all.

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