Sunday, August 22, 2010

Past Posts from the BB

Here's another little ditty I wrote. I'm scrambling through the craziness that's my email and phone to find them all.

I do not know how to flirt. I do not recognise when someone is harmlessly flirting or flirting with a purpose. It confuses me when there's any type of flirting involved. 1. I'm horrendous at small talk and 2. It gets really awkward when I tend to turn IT on when the dude's only teasing. Awkward and embarassing.

What are the rules to flirting? I want to ask my friends all the time but feel stupid and immature. I don't get flirting. I understand the constructs of the games people play but I do not inderstand the theory and practical application. How does it work exactly? I know there's a thrust and parry but I can't get it all to fit in my mind as a cohesive construct.

This hinders me greatly. I'm already not the most social person so throwing in a concept that I cannot apply into a situation that I'm alrwady uncomfortable and we've got a disastrous evening. I do fine just being myself and sometimes, naively don't get why that's not enough. I've been seriously contemplating stepping my game up trying to estavlish new connections both platonic and romantic. Who knows what I may come across but it's hard to attempt that when I can't flirt.

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