Sunday, August 22, 2010

On a Roll

I'm on a motherfracking roll! I feel the blogging spirit again. I'm in a zone. I don't usually do posts about International pop culture because Lord knows it's overdone but I will post a few of my thoughts on some recent happenings. I will also post and link to the AMAZING {AMAZING} coverage of the test screenings for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows that took place yesterday in Chicago. I stopped breathing for a few seconds, it's INTENSE!
  • LOVE Emma Watson’s cut. So very cute but it made me a little teary eyed too because I realize that HP is really coming to an end and soon. I glad the rumor that she cut it for the 'Girl with a Dragon tattoo' movie wasn't true (hopefully) It's nice to think she just wanted to cut her hair. She's young, she's pretty. All is good.
  • Jennifer Aniston’s Harper’s Bazaar shoot was beautiful. She looked gorgeous and seeing the comparison shots of Babs along with it reminded me of how beautiful Barbara Streisand was too. We’re terribly short on interesting faces on TV and on big screens. I can’t tell half of these young ‘starlets’ apart. They're carbon copies and I fear for the state of Hollywood when every girl's gotta be size -1/2.
  • With so few actual movie stars that matter it’s refreshing as usual to see Julia Roberts. I still get a chuckle remembering the ‘Who’s Natalie?’ bit from last year's Globes because I saw that live and I could not stop laughing. LOVE HER! That smile is infectious. I can’t say I love her enough to go see ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ though. The name is total Rossum (Too perfect, too romantic, cringe worthy sentiments, I use this in everyday life)…I just can’t. I was pleasantly surprised that people thought along the same lines as me. The reviews weren't horrid but they weren't great either.
  • Saw ‘Salt’ and I enjoyed how ridiculously good and bad it was. I was entertained and I actually got a few surprises. Side Note: Have you seen the USWeekly photo of the kids at the pool? Complete white wash (as usual) all about Shiloh wearing board shorts and no shirt. She’s wearing a necklace and looks like Brad, I think it’s adorable…the minivan majority however oh they hate it.
  • Saw ‘Inception’ planning to see it again, to solidify my theories and again just to enjoy the movie. I loved it so. I saw it’s flaws and I was happy for them because it made it imperfect and for a concept and almost execution that’s as close to perfect as you can make it (nowadays anyway) I was happy for those imperfections. Perfect would have made our heads explode.
  • Also did you hear? New KOL on October 19. 'Come around Sundown' I get a little wet thinking about it. They have my heart. All of them. A friend told me and inside I literally melted, because I knew they’d be doing promo and that just means pictures upon pictures upon pictures upon pictures upon pictures…I could seriously go on but this is already longer than it needs to be.
  • My love for George Strombolopoulos knows no bounds, saw ‘The Hour’ last night and about swooned as he cheesed it up with Cypress Hill. Is it right that I get weak in the knees every time he says “It’s your boyfriend George Strombolopoulos”? I always pretend he’s talking to me.
Ok so let's get right to the most important thing. Test screening for Deathly Hallows Part 1 took place in Chicago yesterday and I almost screamed. I literally stopped breathing. Realizing how close we are to the end and how excited I am for these movies. A little bit of a spoiler below.

I have no shame admitting that I cried just a little hearing about Hedwig >>> especially after so much speculation and protest of Harry letting Hedwig go we learn that at least in the test he does die in a most EPIC way. HEDWIG! DOBBY!

I don't want to spoil it for you but if you want to spoil it for yourself visit Mugglenet (great in depth review with podcast which was awesome).

Expect another post coming up soon. I'm so glad I'm back.

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