Sunday, August 22, 2010

It's been far too long

Not too long of an introduction I'm gearing up to do a Weh Yu Mean? and Queerty Knows Best segments. I threw in some !!Hot Guys of this Day!! just for kicks. I've seen a few movies but I could not realistically give reviews for my Movies I Saw Last Week section because I don't remember most of them. Sad but true. So let's get it...
First up Weh Yu Mean?
  • Beenie and Bounty are frenemies least for now. Weh Yu Mean? As is usual every few years or so these two veterans come together and say 'Peace' least for now. Sharing a stage at 'Fully Loaded' recently usually a strictly Alliance event where Beenie has been booed in the past. As a fan of dancehall music I have seen these two battle and reunite more times than can be counted. I love when they fight because the interviews and songs are HILARIOUS! It's also good to see them put whatever differences aside and unite in a culture where feuding is the norm.
  • Ele, Ele Elephant man. Is it the construction of the citrus sherbert house on the hill that is emptying your pockets? Or is it the fact that you haven't really had a big hit since Whoppy kill Phillip...and Phillip dead long time...? Repossessing the Benz? Is the monstrosity of the Big Bird Range gone too? Weh Yu Mean? Artists will never learn. Before you set up a nice fixed deposit to ensure that when all the red and yellow dyes finally destroy the cells that allows you to leap tall scaffolding you have a little supm to fall back on. What about the elventy seven kids you have? Are they taken care of? I mean log on and jook gyal money muss done by now right? Do better Ele.
  • At a recent event for work the man of the hour himself showed up and performed. A coworker of mine tapped me on the shoulder and asked 'Who dat?' I wondered the same as Mr. Palmer reeled off hits in an electrifying performance. Kartel how you brown suh? Weh Yu Mean? The man come pon stage and brown nuh rahtid, no explanation just..."OH...' I about DIED! The nigga brown man is still the only thing I have running through my mind. This is not the same person who brought us gems like 'Tek buddy gyal' Is a different braces clad, charismatic, crazy, hilarious genius (let's debate another time).
  • Is this young creation from God supposed to be copying Lady Gaga's 'Paparazzi'? Weh Yu Mean? Don't ask me what the rest of it is supposed to represent. Niggas be niggas every damn day.
  • All this back and forth about Usain not focusing and blah blah blah...I don't want to see him fail, none of us do and I hope he takes some time to refocus his efforts. Weh Yu Mean? He's young though 23/24 and truly I barely know what the hell I wanna do with my life and that's pressuring enough much less having every single eye on your back some wishing good, most wishing you fail. It's crazy responsibility and it's crazy pressure I just hope he comes back next year bigger and badder and faster with more focus and more success.
  • Does the fact that the SLB board members stepped down mean that my interest rate goes down? It's hilarious to me that this lady was allegedly such a tyrant that everybody feared her. Weh Yu Mean? Something about that just hits a funny bone. Her abuse of power to get resources is just a reflection of the many, many companies and corporations that are corrupt from the top to the bottom. She just got caught.
  • Dudus is gone. I can't tell you that I feel any safer or any better. My wish for our little island is prosperity and longevity. We are a proud, strong and amazing group of people and foerever and a day I will always, ALWAYS say Jamaica, land we love.
So on to the next one we've got a stirring (in the nether regions) episode of Queerty Knows Best coming up...I recommend you be in your bed with a glass of wine and a free know for scrolling down the page. Right...scrolling down the page. ENJOY!

Good God Almighty! I moaned through the entire process of choosing these pics. Mmmmm...scrumptious! Ok so each name brings you to the guys page over at the Morning Goods section of Queerty. NSFW but TSFD...

So I've got two !!Hot Guys of this Day!!...Daniel Ilabaca and Tom Hardy. Both of whom I have fantastic fantasies about instead of working. Without further ado...
!!Hot Guy of this Day!! January 23, 1988 - Daniel Ilabaca

Daniel ~ Meaning: God is my judge, Origin: Hebrew
!!Hot Guy of this Day!! September 15, 1977 - Tom Hardy

Edward ~ Meaning: Derived from the Old English Eadweard (wealthy or fortunate guardian), a compound name composed of the elements ēad (prosperity, wealth) and weard (guardian, protector). Edward is a royal name, having been borne by three Anglo-Saxon kings and eight kings of England
Thomas/Tom ~ Meaning: Twin, Honesty; Innocence, Origin: Aramaic, Hebrew

TSFD - Totally safe for drooling

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