Saturday, November 15, 2008


I haven't been in a reflective mood in a while. I'm not sure if i ever mentioned The Wandering Caravan blog before but it's an amazing read. Very historically based, very interesting, guaranteed to put you in a reflective mood. A great blog about black history (somewhat) mostly about the black gay man's struggle to be. The blog is biased (but name one blog that isn't including this one) but historically very poignant, the blog literally made me research some facts (because I don't take no man's word as gospel) and that's one of the beauties about it. Makes you think, makes you reflect.

The fact that the author calls himself the Bronze Buckaroo is totally endearing as well. After watching a docu about black Western themed (cowboy) movies of the 20's and 30's Ive been enthralled. Herb Jeffries, a pioneer in the genre, was gorgeous! The movies they looked so fun and funny and I can only imagine watching a movie in those times called "The Bronze Buckaroo" with an almost all black cast. What must have the people thought? I bet it's the same that alot of people thought at 11pm Nov 4th, 'My kids can be/are/will be someone.' Absolute pioneers.

So fittingly !!Hot Guy Of This Day!! is... HERB JEFFERIES! Hot Guy of September 24, 1911. The man could/can sing... but that's not why he's so HOT!

Herbert - This very English-sounding boy's name is in fact Old French/German in origin (the French pronunciation is Air-Bair), based like many old French names on Germanic words. These are heri or hari "army" and berth "bright" or "famous."

Today's title pic is beautiful...

**P.P. - WTF is this man talking about? So I'm on a call while writing this post and the man goes on a tangent about uniting communities and leaving out drama. WTF? WTF? "Jahoviah is our father," "Marcus Garvey say..." *raised brow?* Quoting bible verses, the Lord's prayer? I cannot and I simply REFUSE!!!

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