Thursday, November 27, 2008

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I think and talk about relationships all the time. I think they're fascinating. Sometimes I wonder why people are so quick to form a bond with someone else, its like they're thinking that if they don't form that bond they'll be alone forever.

I get my "I'm gonna be alone forever" depressed moods too, I do but that doesn't make me snatch onto the first shark I see like some remora (Look it up). I will admit I'm really interested in a relationship right now but that's just me. I have no problems being single, most times I like it. There is just something about being with someone that feels just as right as being single.

Relationships are complex. Two people with different personalities, trying to be together, though the love is there, trying to meld these personalities and lives together takes work.

Why the hell am I writing about this you may ask? It just came to me because I thought about being older and not wanting to be singing a song, writing a poem about whomever it is I love now but can't have because of the decisions I made before really thinking about it. I don't want to be with anyone that I just love I want to be with someone I'm IN love with.

Someone once said that love doesn't die it just changes. I do believe it was Dawson at his parents' wedding on Dawson's Creek (don't judge me !). I thought it was so true and appropriate I want my love and my love's love to keep changing into something that's so much better than the last.

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floater said...

being single sucks and rocks at the same time,ive been single..then attched then single then attached in a short span of 36hrs,to the same person!

Wait a min wat am i saying....being attached to the person YOU feel is Rite for u,IS THE BEST FEELING EVER!

AP I hope u get that feeling soon,it makes u feel like chuck norris....

but when it blow up in your face (more than like it will some time or another) ull feel like chuck norris gave u a round house kick to ur HEART...but then u make up again and u forget about the shitty feeling from yesterday.....and then ull think secretly to urself tsk tsk when will u ever learn...