Sunday, September 02, 2012

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Apparently the gods of society have deemed it law that if you're fat you MUST be friendly and approachable. Being fat AND unfriendly is a societal no-no because fatness is already a strike against you and you know what they say? 3 strikes and you're sucking face with some douche bag because you're desperate. And fat. Whose deluded notion is it that being fat defines any of my personality traits? I self identify as 'fat bitch' because I'd like it known upfront even before we grudgingly say "good morning" that I'm someone who will tear you to pieces despite the 'fat and friendly' tag you probably labeled me with upon our first meeting. Actually who am I kidding? I'm more than likely to say 'please and thank you' than spit in your face when you cut me off in conversation, even though I'd be justified.

There are tons of 'rules' we fatties have to live by in order to fit in to the size 10 world. Acceptable fat, thick versus fat, hour glass figure versus pear shape versus everything else... I could go on forever. Fuck that. I fit in a world that I've created for myself. Albeit not very easily because almost everything is made for the size 10 and under frame and at an ample size 20/22 I've had to create my own space to survive. I won't even front and say I'm not a pleasant plump person because I am, I'm the nice one. Always have been and I've always been fat but the two don't prove or disprove the other. People tend to try to force you into a particular role because once you're there then they can control their interactions with you and can create appropriate responses to you it makes it easier for them to relate when they place you into their created mental image.

But who says we have to be what people think we are? When I tell people I love yoga and exercising I can see them scrambling trying to fit this new info into the fat frame of me they've created. I like surprising people but truthfully I couldn't give to fucks about what 99.99999999% of society thinks about me. The people who matter to you, who really matter, take you as is. I don't walk around thinking every skinny person is a bitch based on nothing but their frame. I wait for them to say something bitchy and stupid before I make that judgment, which they do 95% of the time (this may or may not be an accurate or truthful statistic).

So fine I'm pleasant not because I'm fat and feel I need to be but because I'm a nice person. My horoscope description is very accurate it says I'm nice, creative, emotional, withdrawn and not particularly happy with crowds not once is my fat mentioned. I'm a winner for tens of thousands of other irrelevant reasons.

Give me my 20s!

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