Tuesday, August 19, 2008


The following is a little ditty I wrote about a year ago. I read it again and wondered WTF am I talking about? LOL! I can't remember where my head space was when I wrote this but it seemed like I was happy. Wish I was back there.

"First Habit by Akeina

I used to try to be more than myself,
I guess I shouldn't have tried.
I tried to do what I was told,
ordained to do, another fallacy of the mind.
Often times the eyes are what make it all seem real,
smoke and mirrors can never be SEEN.
I trust my heart,
my mind can follow,
I trust my soul,
the stuff magic tricks get stuck with.
I'm going to love the one i'm loving, loving, loving...
I adhere
to non adherence,
resistance and love.
I decline to make decisions based on what I'm told is right...
I'm leaving the world of sycophantism behind.
Freedom is shouting my name
and I am replying with my own shout of

Today's title pic was easy to find... it seems we all have them...

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