Saturday, August 30, 2008

I'm not the type who'll ever be interested in the state of my hair, whether my clothes are in style or whether my shoes have heels. I like those things I have a passing interest as would any girl but it doesn't control my life. I'm busy living and no one seems to get that. No one gets that the small shit doesn't bother me. I let that shit glide. I'll never be in fashion, I'm too fat, too unattractive but that world isn't the place for me. I'm more interested in learning all I can before my day is done here in this place where everything is teetering on an edge. I'm more comfortable being the me I care about than the me everyone wants to see.

I don't want to come off as judgmental asshole. I love that our lives are so different, our belief systems so diverse I love that, if everyone were the same life would be unbearable but that doesn't mean I want or am going to be like you. I won't agree with everything you say, lets just agree to disagree in that instance.

On a much lighter note Queerty Knows Best is coming at you once more... ENJOY!







Choi Ho Jin

Can the church say YES!!!!!!!!

I've made all the names clickable so feel free to enjo more pics of these delicious men along with others. All providie by Queerty and their Morning Goods section.

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