Friday, August 29, 2008


Thats what it feels like,
like a piece of my flesh is gone.
I can't pinpoint the place of it's gaping hole

but I feel it everywhere.
It's location changes,
sometimes a drop in my stomach,
a pang in my heart,
a cloying in my throat,
a threat of tear in my eye.

And my view changes.

The pain of my missing pound

is making the world different in my eyes.

I can't concentrate
on the blue sky,
purple lilies

the brown skin

You've stolen all my gifts.
I can no longer appreciate a sigh,
a song.
I loved to sing.
I petition
but receive only blank stares

as if you have no idea
what I'm about

what I mean.

larcenous tempest,

Give it back.
Give me back my flesh,
my dream,
my heart.

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