Wednesday, August 27, 2008


It's weird how your life changes within seconds, minutes, hours. I will not elaborate but you know shit hits the fan regularly and with consistency. I'm so tired of fucking around without the actual fucking. I'm tired of being alone, lonely. Tired of listening to songs that move me and make me think about things I can't have. I want to make love (corny as hell I know but accurate). I want to be loved,
"I just wanna be loved,
like everybody else does,
I just wanna be loved,
I just wanna be loved..."
Jill Scott "Wanna Be Loved"
So fitting, so appropriate. I wanna be on my own making mistakes, making love, making heartbreak, having one night stands, regretting it lying down and never wanting to get up. I miss a life I've never had and I want it back.

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