Wednesday, September 12, 2012

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Two shots of rum and the oppressive heat of Portmore City have me feeling woozy. It might be attributed to the food I'd forgone eating the entire day. Unfortunately 2 slices of pizza don't help with alcohol.

My homegirl had been sipping some concoction she called 'Sizzurp' all day. Her sizzurp was a whole heap of rum with a tweps of lemonade. She was feeling mellower than a house cat, I have a feeling it was one part sizzurp, one part pizza and one part whatever she'd been smoking. Can't help but love her.

I think it was a bad decision to take the bus home. The bus stop has no working street lamp so it's lights out on either side of the stop for at least 20 feet. I def don't feel safe. Made the decision to walk back to the lighted bus stop I'd seen a few yards down the road. I had seen several people there as well so I felt more assured about some semblance of safety.

I think I'm drunk. I'm trying my hardest to ignore that feeling. Also why the hell do I smell bacon?

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Anonymous said...

bacon?lmao......long gone are the days of nothing...sizzurp.....was that legal? karp out>