Sunday, December 07, 2008


Today's strictly for my homeskilletbusiscuits... Whe Yu Mean...

  • Nikki Z you nuh listen to the music before you play it? You a tell me seh if me give you a tape you just ago play it so and no listen to it before? How you mek dem suspend you again? Weh yu mean? You know seh the big wigs don't play when it come to Broadcasting Commission. A play song wid big bloodclaat badword (the b--b-c---- B.C. dont control me) inna song. Certainly is no skin off my back if you deh pon di radio or not because most mornings I can't stand to hear you give false, hearsay information and mispronouncing words as if the English language does not exist but there are people who love the programme and with you gone that 6am - 10am slot is just not the same basically you're the only amusing one on the entire station. Do better man.

  • Weh yu mean Ele??? Grammy nod...Mucho, mucho, caliente, tranquello! Personally I don't remember any songs from the "Let's get Physical" album but u turn badboy and get grammy nomination for the first time. I am happy that we get a straight dancehall album nominated this year... Noone mention Shaggy please, I love Shaggy but milking Mr. Boombastic, It Wasn't Me and Church Heathen to death does not a dancehall artiste make. Shaggy does his thing though and lives great so all props to him.

  • Ele back to you again, what is this I hear about you and a...peacock? Weh yu Mean? I am sorry to hear about the death of your dogs but you get new dogs Ele. You do not get a peaccok and wife it up like it's a child. I am inclined to think, based on my observations of the ridiculous colors that you put together on your body, that you are taking fashion tips from the peacock. My friend Axela would curse you and that peacock and undoubtedly the dutty peahen dem (as she so affectionately calls them).

  • Weh yu mean? Weh yu mean? Weh yu mean? You know what fucking pisses me off when dem so called homophobes rail up for the songs that denigrate the gay culture and then turn around are participants in the gay acts themselves. What I hate even more is that they refuse to use protection because in their convoluted mind to do so would mean that they are gay as if having anal sex doesn't already do that.

  • Kartel that interview with Anthony Miller for Entertainment Report was straight awesome. Weh yu Mean? Funniest thing I've ever watched from you. Best interviews to watch 1. Bounty Killer, 2. Beenie Man, 3. Vybz Kartel, 4. Ninja Man. Absolute nonsense. You watch them in awe. I swear.

  • When and how will this daggering thing end? I'm tired, tired, tired of people dislocating hips and the, basically, rape of women in the dancehalls. Weh yu mean? Serioulsy? Pus\hing a woman on the ground then forcibly ramming your hips into her pelvic bone...who came up with that? There needs to be an end. Please before people start to really get hurt. Then again people always say that you can bring a horse to water but you can't make them drink so the choice (if you can call it that) is left up to these women. Just leave me out of it.

  • "Trailerload Ah Money" by Vybz Kartel soundtrack for life dat we say! Weh yu mean? Of course... Me nuh born rich but me nah dead poor. Print it, print it...!

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