Monday, December 01, 2008

Mother Fuckas make me sick

Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit. Seems to be the title of my working life. I hate working late. I am more than cool with waking up in the before day morning and coming to work. Oddly that works for me and I try to fit as many hours I can into those lovely lighted hours but I've been at work now since 11am and I feel like the fucking day will not end. I have to deal with bullshit people on my left and my right.

I don't kiss ass. At least I try not to. If I like you I like you if I don't I just don't. I hate pretentious, obnoxious, sycophants. "Yes massa...", "No massa..." is not my shit. I don't massa for nobody. I respect your hustle. No issue make your money but do not come into my face flaunting like you have something. You don't got nothing nigga. You just a fucking nigga like me trying to survive. Shut the fuck up and do the work you were hired to do. Fucking Mother Fuckas make me sick.

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FLOATER said...

oh gosh this post was pretty heated....OOOOSHAAA!!!!!!!